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S'tha Maz is the Founder & Creative Director of MazKollection. A purpose-driven lifestyle brand with a growing Limited Edition custom footwear line made in Italy. MazKollection understands that luxury is in the intricate details and therefore it puts great emphasis and attention on the quality of all its custom-crafted footwear. "My greatest wish is to make all my clients feel elegant and sophisticated when they wear my footwear", says S'tha.

S'tha was born & raised in Zimbabwe, Africa and now resides in Australia. She has created a comfortable, elegant and durable footwear collection which is a must-have classic style for every wardrobe. All of her custom shoes are handmade by a selected network of master craftsmen in Le Marche, Italy, the most prestigious shoe production district in the world. 

What drives the brand? - Aspiration and vision to create a lifetime legacy of well curated elegant footwear for the whole family.

Our Offer

MazKollection offers quality, durable & well made Italian custom crafted footwear.  

Giveback – MazKollection Foundation

Above all, MazKollection is not just a footwear brand. At MazKollection as part of our core fundamental values we believe in giving back therefore, 10% of our profits goes towards various charitable organisations in Australia & Africa. 

S'tha Maz believes that everyone has what it takes to make the world a better place and that if one is in a position to help, then they should definitely set a positive example and lead the way in giving back to the communities they have been privileged to be part of both now & in the past. “I believe that if we have or make enough, we should all place a strong emphasis in giving more to our communities as entrepreneurs”, says S'tha Maz.

We are always looking for new inspirations and influences therefore, we invite you to give us your feedback. We welcome you to the MazKollection Family and if you love our products just as much as we do, share it with your friends and families.... We Owe You One!

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