Retro-Sport79 Sneaker
Retro-Sport79 Sneaker
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Retro-Sport79 Sneaker

Retro-Sport79 Sneaker

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The MazKollection Retro-Sport79 is a custom crafted old school basketball design inspired by the biggest American champions. Built with embossed details, breathing holes and a back pulling stripe for easy fitting. Durable, made from genuine Italian leather and handcrafted by master craftsmen in Italy.

  • Pristine Italian Leather  
  • Embossed details, breathing holes
  • back pulling stripe for easy fit
  • Custom packaging 


All shoes are hand made & custom crafted, turnaround is 7-14 days.

Style : Retro-Basketball

Production : 100% Custom Crafted 

Why Mazkollection? 

Shoes made in Italy have come to be known for their unparalleled quality thanks to the use of fine materials, traditional manufacturing and great finish detail.

  • Carefully Handcrafted
  • Genuine Italian Leather & Other Great Materials 
  • Clean Leather Cut (when used)
  • Precision Stitching 
  • Accurate Assembly 
  • Perfect Fit